Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage

When Do You Need a Climate Controlled Unit

When do you need to use a climate controlled storage unit? 

The answer in short and sweet fashion is when you are somewhere with any of these three climate factors: 1) High heat; 2) High Humidity; 3) Freezing or near freezing cold.

In Pooler Georgia our weather introduces our possessions to all three of these factors with high humidity being the most significant problem.  High humidity, especially when it is combined with high heat results in moisture. In the extreme, it is even to the point of condensation on your possessions. This leads to mildew on them. If you have items packaged in boxes this risk is even higher as the moisture in the air gets into the boxes and is then confined there without adequate means of air movement.

What does climate controlled storage mean?

The first consideration is the temperature control of the storage unit.  Based on studies the desired average temperate range has been established as maintaining the temperature between 55 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This eliminates exposure to either extreme heat or extreme cold.

The second consideration is removal of the moisture from the air.  Movement of the air through the blowing of an air conditioner will remove some of the moisture.  That is the method used by most storage facilities. It is the reason you will see the solid walls of your storage unit do not go all the way from floor to ceiling.  An air space must be left at the top for the air movement to flow through. The space is usually made theft proof by placing wire mesh or metal bars in that space to preclude a person slipping through.

At Preserve Self Storage we do not believe that is adequate for moisture removal.  In addition to the air conditioning with flow-through ventilation above all units we have installed dehumidifiers for further protection of your valued possessions.  This allows Preserve Self Storage to reduce the moisture in the air to less than the recommended upper range of 50%.  In desert climates moisture must be added to the air to keep it at or above 30%, however that is not a condition we ever experience in Pooler, Georgia. Controlling the temperature to the recommended range of 55 degrees to 80 degrees along with maintaining the air moisture content to less than 50% is how Preserve Self Storage gives you the ideal climate controlled experience.  We are here to help you Preserve Your Treasures.

It is important when you move your items into storage that you do not do so when it is raining.  If your items are put into storage when they are wet they will mildew.  Even with dehumidifiers that wet surface will not dry quickly enough.  It is simply too much water to be removed even by dehumidifiers.

What Items Need Climate Controlled Storage?

There are two primary considerations for what items need to be stored in climate controlled storage. The first factor is how long the item will be stored.  If you need a storage unit for temporary storage for packages to be redistributed and delivered or for fast moving inventory, you may not need climate controlled storage. If the stored item is not of a temperature sensitive nature and will only need to be in the storage unit for a day or week then climate control is most likely not necessary. However, packages to be stored for longer periods of time are likely to need climate control to prevent moist air entrapment in the package.

The second factor for determining if climate controlled storage is needed is based on the what the item is made of and what type of finish it has.  The following is a list of items that typically need climate controlled storage:
Media such as DVDs, videos, vinyl records, etc
Clothing, especially if it is stored in bags or bins
Paper documents
Household Appliances
Collectibles such as stamps, coins, dolls, comics, etc
Medicines and medical supplies
Anything made of leather, wicker or upholstery
Metal or wood items with a polished finish such as golf clubs, trophies, etc

The key consideration is to remember that you are placing your possessions in storage because you want to keep them.  Which means you will want to keep them in their present condition without mildew, warping or cracking.

At Preserve Self Storage we are here to help you Preserve Your Treasures.

What Size Unit

What Size Unit Do I Need

Determining the size of unit you need is a challenge.  A small 5' x 5' unit is only about the size of a standard  stall in a public restroom.  A 10' x 20' unit is about the size of a single parking space in your garage.  Looking at the units in our facility and comparing them may assist to determine what will work for you.  But it may still be difficult to envision how a houseful of items can be stored. 

Some generalized standards have been established in the storage industry.  These guides say:
10' x10' or 10' x 15' for a two bedroom apartment;
10' x 15' or 10' x 20' for a three bedroom house;
10' x 20' or 10' x 30' for a four bedroom house.

But it really depends on how bulky your furniture is and how many boxes of accessories are to be stored.  It may assist you to measure the room in your home with the most and largest pieces of furniture and then envision all of that furniture pushed together. How much of the room would be filled?  Can the boxes of accessories be placed on top of some of that furniture?  Can your box springs and mattresses be placed all together standing on end to fit a smaller space?

If you are using a moving company they will be an excellent source for advise for the size of storage you will need.  They have developed expertise in looking at a houseful of furniture and assessing how they can load and move it with their truck size.